What holds us- Grace Quantock


The Riverfront , 48 Richards Terrace, Newport, NP20 1HG

Tuesday 14th November 10:00 - 12:00

About What holds us- Grace Quantock

Finding a Fit for Creative and Business Hopes

Considering our dreams for our art and business and what makes that difficult in the world today. With cost of living crisis, chronic illness, caring responsibilities and loss of arts support, there are lots of reasons why we may struggle to shape the art-life we seek.

These are a series of 4 workshops which you can participate in separately or gain further understanding by doing the series.

3/4 : What holds us

Structures and systems to support sustainable art and change making

Grace Quantock:

“As a disabled entrepreneur, I both need to hold so much and can’t hold everything. I take participants through a behind-the-scenes look at my own business and explore the systems and structures I use to organise a creative and change making life.

We’ll figure out:

– Where your entrepreneurial energy leaks are.

– How to set up support to drive your work forwards, without your energy being the fuel source (little engines)

– Making creativity sustainable as we are precious and not self-renewing resources. (repeating, saving, building your work and reusing).”


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