Safety Jacket / Ski Lift / Swan Hill


Le Pub, High Street, Newport, Newport, NP20 1FW

Friday 13th October 19:30 - 22:30

About Safety Jacket / Ski Lift / Swan Hill

Safety Jacket is a band from Brighton formed in late 2019 when three best friends; George, Harvey and Joe, after having known each other 15 years, finally started playing music together. Their vulnerability, raw energy and the closeness of their friendship comes across in their live shows, through fragile and cathartic indie rock songs.

Spring 2020, singer George Smale, lost his grandfather who he was incredibly close with. The loss gave him strength to really push harder than he ever had done before with writing and performing music. As if a tap had been turned on, new songs came flooding out.

The intense feelings of loss, hopelessness and time rushing away, all went into the songs written in the Summer of 2020 which would go to become Safety Jacket’s debut album ‘Honey From The Wasp Nest’ which was then recorded in just 4 days.

In August 2022 the band released their debut album 'Honey From The Wasp Nest' to positive critical reviews. ‘ exceptional release. The emotion pours out of the songs’ - 4/5 stars Pitch Perfect. They celebrated the release with a packed-out show at Brighton’s esteemed Rialto Theatre to positive reviews. “...the delivery is both impassioned and infectious... This is a band with ambition who have the charm and musical capability to ensure you won’t want to take this jacket off for a long time to come’ - SOURCE Magazine. The band have toured the UK extensively twice since the release of their album.


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